5 things I’ve learnt during my first year as a mum

I had great intentions of writing lots of posts once baby arrived. I was going to fill you in on all the things I was too terrified to write about when I was pregnant. The things I learnt, read, bought, our somewhat tricky journey to getting pregnant, my anxious pregnancy… And then he arrived…. And all you mummies out there will know, time just kind of whizzes past and before you know it you’re lighting the candle ready for the first birthday cake. It seemed like that for me anyway.

So today I thought about some of the things I’ve learnt during our precious first year as a family of three. I still pinch myself that this beautiful little bundle of fun and laughter is all mine. I don’t think the feeling of total and utter gratitude ever leaves you when you have struggled to get pregnant; an unexpected benefit of fertility troubles, and one which I love.

Mummy to be shoot

The day before I had my baby. Photo credit: Nellie Photography


You will make just as many friends as your baby does when you join all the groups and classes. It’s funny how as an adult there just isn’t much time to make new friends normally. Of course work often enables you to make friends with like minded colleagues; but playgroups and classes introduces you to lots of different mummies from all sorts of different career backgrounds. A wider circle of people maybe? It’s certainly been the case for us anyway. We’ve met the loveliest people ranging from our NCT pals, through to the lovely ladies and babies we have met at playgroups. It’s always nice to have a chat and compare notes over coffee and cake. I don’t know why but I honestly didn’t expect to make such lovely, lovely friends.



I am totally astounded by how quickly time seems to pass as a mummy; which seems a bit strange given you are awake so much. I always thought less sleep meant more hours in the day but it hasn’t been the case for us. So there I am armed with my camera at all available opportunities so I can snap away and file all the precious milestones. I’m so glad I developed my love of instagram way before I had my baby, it’s got me into the habit of taking lots of photos which I’m very glad about. I do however need to do more videos as I am lacking a little on those and want as many memories as I possibly can. These days are so fleeting and so special.


I had to add this one in. How delicious do babies smell? I had no idea I would be so addicted to gorgeous, warm, milky cuddles with my boy. I suppose smell is one thing you can’t capture like you do other memories. Must make the most of all of those cuddles and snuggles while I can.

Domestic goddess

Call me silly, but in my little world I somehow thought that becoming a mother would propel me into Mary Poppins territory; that I would suddenly become this wonder woman who would manage my home, cook delicious meals, create patchwork quilts, darn socks – well maybe not that, but you get the idea. I’m one year in now and it still hasn’t happened, which I find a bit confusing given the sheer number of cook books I have but there you go. Fact number 5; becoming a mother does turn you into Mary Poppins. In fact if anything I am even less of a domestic goddess than I ever was. Perhaps why I have become addicted to those speed clean videos on You Tube! Please tell me it isn’t just me?!


The love you feel for this little bundle is seriously off the scale. I knew I’d love him, but honestly this love knows no bounds. I think I’d happily never eat or drink again if it meant I could give it to him, which probably isn’t the way to go along but anyway. I do have to remind myself that you can’t share from an empty cup or however the saying goes. We’ve barely spent a moment apart since he was born, but do you know what?I am totally ok with that.

I’m sure there are many many more that I could add to this list but this what sprang to mind today when I sat down. My new motto is don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, aka write a damn blog post rather than never getting around to it. And if you know any new mummies to be or people you think might like this post please share away, and remind them to take lots of photos and enjoy plenty of cuddles. Time passes so so fast.


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