A valentines bouquet and other flowery tales

As you know I spend lots of my time working with flowers.

We recently moved house so I haven’t had a workshop or proper space to work in since November last year. In fact you could quite often find me balancing flowers on top of wheelie bins – I’m not even joking. Thankfully I now have a lovely little space to work in. It has plenty of shelves, a nice tall table and a cute little window too. What more could I ask for?

Red grand prix roses

During the colder months I always expected I’d be reluctant to spend time outdoors with my hands in cold water, but it turns out even the cold doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm where flowers are concerned!

I’ve been busily planning my flower patch, where I hope to grow some pretty cottage flowers, and during the next week or so I am signed up to a rose pruning workshop and a cut flower growing workshop. I’ll be an expert before I know it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last week I treated myself to various packs of seeds and tubers, so it won’t be long before I can get outside and start planting.

I’ve also spent some time at our local flower market, looking for inspiration for a vintage style red rose bouquet I’ve been keen to make. My grandma had roses in her bridal bouquet and I have always wanted to create something with red roses which has a slightly softer edge. If that makes any sense at all! I find that red roses are true leading ladies where bouquets are concerned so it can be tricky to create something which doesn’t scream ‘valentines day red rose’. After all I am sure there are many of us who lust after something a little softer looking and more country.ย 

So here we go, my take on a softer valentines bouquet using Grand Prix Red Roses, Amnesia Roses, Astrantia, my favourite Eucalyptus, some bits of fern and berries, as well as foliage from my garden. A real country style bouquet of roses. Quick, show your other half, – they might treat to something similar this Valentines Day!

Bouquet of red Grand Prix roses and Amnesia roses


  1. Esther Zimmer February 4, 2016 / 11:24 pm


    This bouquet is just GORGEOUS! You’ve nailed softening the red roses, this is so beautiful it makes me want to get married again just so I can have you do my flowers!

    Esther xx

    • Country Pages February 5, 2016 / 5:16 pm

      Thank you so much Esther! So lovely of you to say.
      I’m happy to come and do flowers at one of your workshops some time. xx

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