My victoria sponge cake recipe

The strawberries and cream sponge cake has been my signature bake for a very long time.

If the truth be told it’s probably the only thing I can bake (but lets not dwell on that for now!).

Whenever I’ve started a new job, wanted to cheer up a friend or celebrate a birthday I’ve whipped this one up. Quite literally. It’s an easy bake really and all the nicer when I use eggs from my beloved chickens, Mel and Ginger.

A couple of months ago my dear friend Sarah, who writes a blog called Taming Twins, made a beautiful birthday cake for her mum and when I spotted it I was inspired to invigorate this old favourite of mine. Oh yes I went totally wild, and added even more delicious cream, and juicy strawberries.

So here’s my recipe and a few photos too. I hope you enjoy it:

Victoria Sponge cake recipe


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