How to choose the perfect real Christmas Tree

Every year we have the same discussion in our house; do we go for a real Christmas tree or use our old faithful from the loft.

In my World real is always going to win yet somehow I always end up caving in, and Mr Page manages to persuade me with talk of how many new glittery new baubles and trinkets we can buy with the money instead. You can tell who has the accountant brain out of the two of us.

A Christmas mantlepiece


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Ten things about me

I’ve been keeping a micro blog on Instagram for quite some time now. I’m pretty loyal and update it most days.

I’ve met lots of lovely, creative people through it and enjoy looking at a snapshot of life through a pretty camera lens. I’m a visual person so Instagram appeals to me on many levels.


MrsJPage from Country Pages at Pinterest Event in London

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Confessions of a make up addict

I have a confession to make.

I am a total make up junkie. Always have been I think – it goes back to my early teenage years spent in front of my best friend’s mirrored wardrobes perfecting the curled under fridge look and flicked eye liner. To this day I don’t know anyone who can do winged eye liner quite as neatly as my friend Jess.


Wedding day make up Laura Mercier

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A dog-friendly day trip to Wales

It’s sometimes the simple things in life that are the most special, don’t you think?

A stroll in the woods, a really good book, a picnic with friends or a bracing walk on a wild and rugged beach.

It was our fourth wedding anniversary in September and we decided the best way to celebrate would be with a trip to one of our favourite beaches.

Boxer dog on Borth beach


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A plum cake recipe

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really not much of a baker, cook, chef, whatever.

But it’s something I’m determined to get better at it. There are so many good recipe books out there, food blogs and You Tube videos – there’s really no excuse. Other than time of course!

So as plum season is in full swing, and we have them growing everywhere, I thought I’d put them to good use. Heck these aren’t even our plums – they belonged to John and he gave us a basket full. He says he even freezes his so he can use them throughout the year. So there you go, a little tip for you plum fanciers out there.

Plum Cake Recipe from The Primrose Bakery Book. Featured on country

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Blogtacular 2015

Those of you who know me – and who I have told about this blog may be following to see what I’m up to.

The rest of you probably aren’t!

The truth is, raising awareness of your blog, and indeed letting people out there know you exist, may just be the hardest part of all. I know this because I’ve been working in marketing for several years so have had my fair share of generating and building awareness of campaigns. It’s kind of different when it comes to your own work though and you’re literally building something totally from scratch. I’m enjoying the process though and it’s nice to be doing things at my own pace. I like the thought that it’s just me and my keyboard for now.

Oxford Street London. July 2015

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A trip to Snowshill Manor in The Cotswolds

Dorm House Hotel, Broadway, The Cotswolds

Back when I was working 9 til 5 – or as those working in marketing will know, more like 9 till 9…. my friend and I often spoke of our desire to spend a sunny afternoon out in the Cotwolds. I had worked in the area for nearly three years but had very little time to ever explore.

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The Barn


Dining area in a barn with stone floor and Farrow and Ball Pale Powder Walls

We moved in back in late September 2010.

It was the end of a really nice summer and it had taken several months for the sale to complete. It was never going to be our forever and ever home though.

My husband works in property so house moves are always going to be on the agenda in some way or another. It comes with the territory I guess.

This place will suit us down to the ground for a few years he’d said. But I think I might fall in love, I had replied quietly.

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My life in flowers

Whimsical wedding bouquet with peonies by Jody Page

I type this blog post with a huge smile on my face.

At this very moment I have over 400 Instagram Likes on the photo of my very first wedding bouquet and there are now nearly 1000 people following my flowery escapades on Instagram. I couldn’t possibly be any happier.

My life with flowers has been an interesting one. I suppose in a way floristry found me, not the other way around as you might have imagined. Cheesy I know, but please bear with me.

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A wedding garland

When my best friend announced she was getting married I knew it was going to be one hell of a shindig. The kind that oozes style and glamour.

The big day itself was months in the planning. We enjoyed day trips to London to pick shoes and accessories. We had numerous afternoon tea sessions to discuss the finer details of the day. We took road trips to see her wedding dress – a total masterpiece of a gown, and we sat up chatting until late into the night discussing the big day.

She gave me the ultimate honour of being her chief bridesmaid so I always knew I wanted to give her a really special wedding gift.

Country wedding flowers

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