Country Wild Wedding Flowers


Hi I’m Jody and this is a blog about my life in the English Countryside.

I grew up in a village and spent my summer holidays exploring the countryside on my pony.

I have a big family and although we had some trickier times, we also had lots of fun. Our days were wild and bohemian with my brother and sisters, and my very creative parents.

I always found peace and comfort outside in the fields, so when I went off to university, and later started work, I always knew I’d return to the countryside one day.

For a while I lived a parallel life with days and weeks in the city and then weekends at home in the village. These days I’m back in the countryside almost all of the time where I live with my husband and my naughty boxer dog, Izzy. We’ve been renovating three barn conversions on an old family farm and are enjoying seeing the area brought back to life again.

My husband and I both run our own businesses and at the weekends I do wedding floristry which has become a real passion of mine. I guess you’d call it a portfolio career and it makes me very happy. I work in marketing and began my career in ad agencies before moving across to client side roles. Floristry came along later and in many ways, I think it found me rather than the other way around. I was at a cross roads and wanting to try something new, so amidst juggling a multitude of new hobbies I entered a writing competition to win a place on a floristry course. By now you’ve probably guessed, I won. So off I trundled down to London to spend a few days with Tallulah Rose Flower School.

It changed everything for me.

I never really believed in fate or things happening a certain way for a reason until then. But now I do. I’ll explain more when get to know each other a bit better.

I do hope you enjoy reading my blog and joining me in the Countryside for some fun, frolics and flowers.

Jody x