The Barn


Dining area in a barn with stone floor and Farrow and Ball Pale Powder Walls

We moved in back in late September 2010.

It was the end of a really nice summer and it had taken several months for the sale to complete. It was never going to be our forever and ever home though.

My husband works in property so house moves are always going to be on the agenda in some way or another. It comes with the territory I guess.

This place will suit us down to the ground for a few years he’d said. But I think I might fall in love, I had replied quietly.

The barn isn’t a huge place but it is quite impressive when you enter through the big front door. The layout is wider rather than long – if that makes any sense, which means we have a beautiful big hall and an impressive landing.

The rooms off that are pretty average sized, but the hall and landing make up for it with their stone and wooden floors, and huge great windows – which our dog LOVES.

By love I mean really loves! She gets to be the local neighbourhood watch co-ordinator 24 hours a day and it’s a role she takes very seriously. Nothing gets in the way of the pooch and her windows.

The pooch reporting for duty.

The pooch reporting for duty.

But back to the barn.

The hall was the first thing I noticed when I stepped into the barn. The mid-grey stone floor really gave it a wow factor. A more sensible builder would have used the space to expand the kitchen size perhaps, but I loved it just the way it was.

The open plan nature of the place meant he didn’t want it to be our family home. It was going to be a place we’d stay during our child-free years. We’d have parties and invite people over. We’d make the most of the ‘entertaining’ space. We’d have welcome drinks in the hallway or a casual Sunday lunch at the dining table. Of course these days I can quite often be found using it as a floristry space, or as I did last Christmas – a wreath making production line. I went a little mad when it came to the Christmas wreath project!

When I posted a photo of the barn shortly before we sold it I was overwhelmed by the number of comments I received. I really enjoy looking at home tours on blogs so thought I’d share a few photos of our barn with you all. It won’t be our barn for much longer of course, as we have now sold it and are ready for our next big adventure.

I’ll miss this place with interesting quirks and beautiful features. I’m not sure we’ll ever live in another home with such beautiful beams and interesting ceilings in fact.

I can’t get too sentimental about it all. We have been very lucky to have the opportunity to build our forever home. A project which is going to keep us busy for some time I think!

So for now I will share some photos of the barn with you. Our first ever home together. The place we were living when we got engaged. The place I travelled to the church from on our wedding day and the place where we brought the pooch back to, when we rescued her on a gloomy November night, shortly after we got married. These walls carry with them a lot of happiness as well as some sorrow, but on the whole I’ve loved our little adventure here with Mr Page and our beloved pooch.

Landing in the barn with exposed beams and an oak floor

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