A dog-friendly day trip to Wales

It’s sometimes the simple things in life that are the most special, don’t you think?

A stroll in the woods, a really good book, a picnic with friends or a bracing walk on a wild and rugged beach.

It was our fourth wedding anniversary in September and we decided the best way to celebrate would be with a trip to one of our favourite beaches.

Boxer dog on Borth beach


It’s something we’ve wanted to do with the pooch for a long time, but until now haven’t felt she was quite ready for it. She’s a rescue dog you see and had a bit of a tricky start in life. She wasn’t socialised at all as a puppy so gets very nervous when faced with new experiences. Some she ends up loving, but others can be a bit of a disaster and leave us feeling quite exhausted. Thankfully the beach trip was a big success and she loved every minute – as did we.

Our chosen beach was in Borth, Wales. It’s really nothing fancy but it has the kind of wild, empty coastline which I adore.

We packed the car to the rafters with blankets, towels and a great big picnic, and set off at a very early hour of the day – I think it may have been before 6am!

It meant we got the beach nice and early and were able to amble along at a nice steady pace, taking in the scenery and running around in the sand.

Boxer dogs first trip to the beach

Borth really is my happy place. I don’t think many people seem to know about it, and that suits me just fine.  It’s a forgotten seaside town close to Aberystwyth with the most beautiful deserted beach which stretches for miles. You can even take a walk up on the edge of the cliffs and look back across the beach if you’re feeling energetic and able to tackle the big hill! I’ve done it a few times and never tire of the view from the top.

Along the edge of the beach are the prettiest houses painted in all colours of the rainbow. Of course we keeping an eye out in case any were for sale, a holiday home by the sea would be just perfect!

There’s a scattering of little coffee shops, a couple of restaurants – and that’s about it. But back to the beach, that for me, really is, the best part of all. Miles of unspoilt coastline which are perfect for walking along and some big sand dunes which make an ideal spot for a picnic.

IMG_0343.jpg edited

So for our fourth anniversary we walked, chatted and laughed. We ate a picnic on the edge of the beach with a dog itching to get in the sea again. She’s a bit of a water baby and once she got over her nerves there was no stopping her!

Boxer dog on Borth beach

I didn’t take photos of the picnic – between navigating the food and controlling a very hungry dog, it all got a little hectic. Besides, you know what I’m like when it comes to presentation! Let’s just say it tasted better than it looked, although we did use our lovely wicker hamper. I made houmous with chopped carrots and cucumber for dipping, a lovely mackerel pate – well why not? We were by the sea so it seemed fitting. It was delicious too so I will share the recipe. I also made sandwiches and cakes for Phil as well as some lovely picnic classics like ginger beer. How very British?

At the end of the day we drove back through the Shropshire hills – another special place for me because it’s where I spent most of my summer holidays as a child. Wild and running free in my Grandparents meadows. They bought a smallholding when they retired and really did live the good life. How lovely it was for them too.

The beach in Borth, Wales



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