A plum cake recipe

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really not much of a baker, cook, chef, whatever.

But it’s something I’m determined to get better at it. There are so many good recipe books out there, food blogs and You Tube videos – there’s really no excuse. Other than time of course!

So as plum season is in full swing, and we have them growing everywhere, I thought I’d put them to good use. Heck these aren’t even our plums – they belonged to John and he gave us a basket full. He says he even freezes his so he can use them throughout the year. So there you go, a little tip for you plum fanciers out there.

Plum Cake Recipe from The Primrose Bakery Book. Featured on country pages.co.uk

Although I’m not much of a baker I have a recipe book shelf to compete with even the most regular cooks out there. The idea is that the more books i get, the more I will learn. The theory has yet to materialise but I live in hope…

This is a recipe from The Primrose Bakery Book and it’s really quite delicious. John’s plums were a real treat too – oh the jokes we’ve had!

Plum Cake Recipe

185g plain flour

2tsp baking powder

180g unsalted butter

250g caster sugar

1tsp vanilla

2 large eggs – I used Mel and Gingers ( my two chickens in case you’re wondering!)

500g of john’s plums – you might have a pal who can give you some plums – or better still harvest from your tree and freeze for later


90g soft brown sugar

90 plain flour

100g unsalted butter


First things first pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees

Pop on your apron and remove dog from kitchen – or is that just me! As soon as she hears the bowls coming out of the dresser she hot foots it into the kitchen.

Grease and line a 25cm baking tin – this is a bigger cake!

Wash and stone your plums and cut into half, or quarters if you prefer smaller plums

Sift flour and baking powder in a large bowl

Cream butter and sugar in a mixer until it is pale and fluffy looking.

Add the vanilla and the eggs, and then slowly add the flour and baking powder mixture.

Carefully pour the mixture into your cake tin and arrange the plums on top. I start off placing them around the edge of the tin and then move to the middle.

If you have two mixers you will have been able to pre-prepare the topping….

I don’t so at this stage I frantically mix up the flour and brown sugar along with the butter. It has a ‘crumble’ type consistency to it but obviously smoother with the soft sugar. Might try more of a granulated sugar some time to see how that might turn out.

Once the mixture has come together sprinkle over the top of your plums and then pop it in the oven.

The book says it will take 1 – 1 and a quarter hours to bake. I’d say in my over enthusiastic oven it’s more like 50 minutes, so my advice is to keep an eye on it as it bakes, and when it looks like it might be ready pop a skewer in the middle to double check.

I enjoyed my slice in the garden with an elderflower cordial, but I hear it tastes just as nice as a pudding with ice-cream or custard.




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