A wedding garland

When my best friend announced she was getting married I knew it was going to be one hell of a shindig. The kind that oozes style and glamour.

The big day itself was months in the planning. We enjoyed day trips to London to pick shoes and accessories. We had numerous afternoon tea sessions to discuss the finer details of the day. We took road trips to see her wedding dress – a total masterpiece of a gown, and we sat up chatting until late into the night discussing the big day.

She gave me the ultimate honour of being her chief bridesmaid so I always knew I wanted to give her a really special wedding gift.

Country wedding flowers

The obvious choice involved flowers, after all it’s my new found passion and a skill I honestly didn’t realise I had. I’ve always adored gifts of flowers and I knew my friend was exactly the same. Being able to actually arrange them is still such a novelty.


So I decided my wedding gift would be a beautiful wreath for her front door, which I knew she would love. Naomi is all about the detail so her wedding day was no exception. A wreath on the door would be a perfect addition to the morning of the wedding. I also said I would make her a bouquet for each season during the first year of married life. It always seems so sad that after all the prettiness of the wedding, the day passes and life goes on. A beautiful bouquet of flowers would be a way of bringing back all the pretty memories during that first year.

So here it is. Naomi’s wedding wreath Obviously it’s very country style – you didn’t expect me to go all hipster did you?

A floral garland for a country wedding

A close up of the wreath. We just loved the ranunculous

It’s full of the blooms I knew she would love and which were also in season at the time. I grabbed armfuls of foliage from my garden too, this wreath needed to be natural.

I think more and more brides are getting married at the time of year when their favourite flowers are in abundance. And why on earth not I’d say.

Floral garland for a wedding

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