A trip to Snowshill Manor in The Cotswolds

Dorm House Hotel, Broadway, The Cotswolds

Back when I was working 9 til 5 – or as those working in marketing will know, more like 9 till 9…. my friend and I often spoke of our desire to spend a sunny afternoon out in the Cotwolds. I had worked in the area for nearly three years but had very little time to ever explore.

A little under six months ago I took the leap from a full time, secure and very good job, to a freelance World where I could pick up new projects and opportunities, and share some of the knowledge I had learnt with smaller businesses. It’s all still in its early stages but I’m working with some lovely clients and of course as you will know by now, it also allows me to indulge in floristry which has become a huge passion of mine. My floral journey has been exciting to say the least and after receiving training from the best ladies in the business, I am now starting to take on some solo projects too.

As circumstances have it my friend and I are both in the exciting situation where we working for ourselves now, and all of those conversations about regular meet ups and days out to discuss new projects can finally come true.  It’s meant that although the British summer has been a bit dubious, we now get to see far more of each other and last week we took a late summer trip out to Broadway in The Cotswolds. It was a real special day for us as it’s something we’ve always hoped we’d get to do. A midweek trip out together. Oh the indulgence of it all.

So off we trotted to our favourite place, Dormy House. We had a lovely light lunch, followed by coffee and chats. We talked about everything. Our new found freedom, our exciting business plans as well as house move escapades too.

Then we moved on to the beautiful National Trust site, Snowshill Manor. Nestled into the rolling hills of the Cotswolds and overlooking the vale of Evesham, it is a real treat to visit. I spent a good few years working in Evesham but never really got to explore the local area. Now’s my chance and I’m grabbing it with both hands.

Snowshill Manor in Broadway, The Cotswolds

We initially planned our trip based around exploring the lavender fields. There had to be flowers in there somewhere, come on it’s me we’re talking about!

It turns out Snowshill Manor is not the location of the lavender farm, that’s up the road! But it all turned out for the best. Snowshill Manor was a real treat.

I’m a bit late to the party on the National Trust side of things. We visited some of the sites when I was younger but I’ve not really used them as a destination before. Big mistake!

They’re beautiful it would seem and everything – even down to the coffee shops and toilets are just lovely. If you’re anything like me, those things are are an important part of a nice day out.

After a beautiful scenic drive up to Snowshill – get your camera at the ready, theres some beautiful thatched cottages to oggle on the drive up there. We parked up ready for a trip around the grounds.

The manor itself is a beautiful old Arts and Crafts House full of unusual artefacts and as for the gardens. For a flower lover like me, they were a real treat. So many beautiful cottage garden flowers as far as the eye could see as well as fruit trees, bushes of raspberries and giant rhubarb with leaves almost as big as Naomi! We heard all sorts of accents while we were there so people obviously travel for miles to visit. And lucky for us its just so local. If we’d have known it was so nice we’d certainly have taken a picnic.

I quite fancied a ride home in this bit of a kit. Cinderella eat your heart out.

I quite fancied a ride home in this bit of a kit. Cinderella eat your heart out.

I plan to return of course, but a little earlier in the season next time. I still need to get out to that lavender farm to take some snaps too, it looks like heaven on earth.

Are you a National Trust convert? Or have you always been a fan?

Are there any visits you recommend?

I can’t wait to plan another little trip.

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