Confessions of a make up addict

I have a confession to make.

I am a total make up junkie. Always have been I think – it goes back to my early teenage years spent in front of my best friend’s mirrored wardrobes perfecting the curled under fridge look and flicked eye liner. To this day I don’t know anyone who can do winged eye liner quite as neatly as my friend Jess.


Wedding day make up Laura Mercier

Throughout my school years I worked hard to do the ‘un-made up’ look, so I wouldn’t have to wash it all off when the teacher found out, and in the school holidays I trawled the shops looking for new products that would make me look, perhaps, at least 16. Oh the irony.

Everyone who knows me well, knows I like a bit of make up. In fact before I was lucky enough to find a creative outlet in floristry, my only method of being creative was by trying a smoky eye, attempting the perfect base, or painting my nails. All from my vast collection of cosmetics and brushes I might add – I love Smashbox and Mac in case you’re wondering!

My second confession is that I once dabbled in a beauty blog. It was right back in 2008 when Zoella was still at school, and had just started to write a blog, and anyone who was anyone was following Lollipop26. She created some great You Tube videos and to this day remains one of my favourite bloggers. She’s known as Buy Now Blog Later these days, if you fancied checking her out. Laura is what I call an old school blogger and I always enjoy having a read about what she’s up to.

Another lady I followed was Bubblegarm who had just got married and blogged about her love for cosmetics and beauty finds. If I’m honest it was her beautiful skin which got me hooked. Muhsine is Turkish so her skin tone is totally different to mine, and so naturally I loved all of her make up looks. The only downside was they would have looked awful on me. But that’s the beauty of blogs right? You get to see what everyone else is doing.

I’d spend hours trying out new products and reading about all the latest new crazes. Lollipop26 introduced me to the wonders of Mac eyeshadows and to this day I still have a thing for All that Glitters. Blogging also gave me the opportunity to find out about new products and I’d always tell my friends if they were looking for a new wonder product too.

They still do that now.  My friends I mean. People always ask me about make up and which products I recommend. I think they know the chances are I have already tried them. Oops! Don’t tell Phil!

It’s my guilty pleasure if you like and as far as naughty habits go bulk buying foundation isn’t the worst habit I could have.

So there we have it. I’ve been straight with you. I’m obsessed with make up and skincare products. I blame the number of hours spent outside in the bad weather as a child. I was always desperate to cover up my super rosy cheeks and then my addiction to make up began. Oh and Jess and her perfect winged eyeliner.

Are there any other secret make up junkies out there?

And am I right to think I’m just too old to embrace the whole contouring craze now? I can’t help but think I’d end up looking like an extra from the lion king.

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